Learning the holiest of holy scriptures, the Magnificent Bhagavad Gīta , through the online classes of Geeta Pariwar, has been an extremely uplifting and joyous experience for me!!! I thoroughly enjoyed, especially the group chanting sessions , listening to some of the finest teachers with brilliant methods of training even absolute amateurs and getting every student to chant effortlessly towards the end of each level!!! I have tried to share this precious information about the classes of Geeta Pariwar to almost all the deserving contacts that I know!! It has been an absolute privilege and an honour to learn the Holy Bhagavad Geeta from such an established and dedicated institution!!! Clearly, this has been one of my biggest blessings from Bhagavān and i look forward to sharing it with everyone I know!!! Thankyou for such an opportunity ???!!!
Jai Shree Krishna!!!??????????
॥Hari Om Tat Sat॥