From being Ordinary to Extra Ordinary ( more ordinary than before )

It’s more than 1yr of Geeta Pathan in Sanskrit and evolution of each Adhyay in Hindi by experts from Geeta Pariwar on weekends has transformed me fundamentally which I m sure would not have been possible if I had chosen something else to do since my retairment.
Every challenge was an opportunity to go beyond my limits at each level. Every single day without break, with increasing intensity of Devotion to Krishna the almighty; made me realise the other dimensions of life which are beyond my body and mind. Fundamentals of basic life style which I have not paid enough attention to have been laid afresh during this discourse.
I bow down in gratitude to all my Masters,teachers, coordinators , technical supportors, organisers and fellow trainees for supporting me in this journey.
With Sadhguru’s and Geeta Pariwar grace, will continue to offer some knowledge to the world.

Living Geeta 24*7

A special salute
on this occasion
Dr Vijaya Didi

Our mantor


जय श्री कृष्ण । बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।