I have no words to say about this I joined geeta Parivar in October 2022 ,now learning in Level 4 .
My attitude is changed from Negative to Positive .
In first level I didn’t understand what is going on in class I missed so many classes but I listen all audios od Suvarnajaki and passed E_Geeta gunjan and I agree that my pronouncetion are notso good I can say schlokas but not best
I am giving Tech Seva for Level 3 and G C.for Level 1
Such a big Parivar I didn’t see anywhere in this world. There are so many disputes in trusts co_operatuve Society even In our family also there are so many disputes but here every body is cooperative and helps each other without any expectation.
Everybody is working with full devotion and shraddha and seva of shrikrishna.
I am very lucky that i joined in this Parivar.
If geeta Parivar is a big sea I am only one smallest drop it can’t be divided again such a small roll I am doing in this Parivar still I am very happy.
I was expecting one glass od milk but I got a big sea of milk (kshirsagar)
I am very thankful to geeta Parivar and it should be big Parivar od this world .
I am unable to express my emotions I am not writer but I tried to write ,if there is any mistake sorry fie that
Jay Shree krishna.